WARREN FARM COTTAGE -  Farmhouse B & B, Riding holidays with your horse
We aren't perfect.............We like our guests to feel at home - indeed we are pleased to report that lots of people have said that staying with us is like staying with friends.  However with lots of animals living in close proximity we don't have a pristine house.  We try and stop the ducks and hens coming into the kitchen for breakfast but with a hole cut in the door to allow our Jack Russell easy access to the garden they do rather take advantage of this facility........
The Water
There is an abundance of hot water but it takes AGES to come through.  We generally recommend that you turn on the hot tap and then sing a song, hop on one leg, clean your teeth or just patiently wait and inevitably it will gurgle its way through.  The water comes from our own spring so tastes deliciously un-chlorinated.
The upstairs Loo
As is often the case with old cottages the plumbing can be suspect - please don't flush anything other than loo paper down the toilet!  It always grumbles rather after flushing but don't be alarmed as it soon settles down again.
This is Bootsie keeping the egg tray warm (pretty strange for a cockerel!)
Mick found Bootsie whilst out riding one day hiding in some woods.  He is a silky bantam and had strayed far from home.  He tucked him down his shirt and carried on with the ride.  Bootsie - (we called him this because he has long fluff over his legs) was ever grateful to Mick for saving his life and was sure he was his dad!  He lived in the kitchen for several months until he learnt to crow when he was banished to the hen house!
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