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Taking your horse on holiday is a BIG thing and we don't underestimate how much support you may need.  You will want to know where your horse will be stabled/turned out, you will want to be sure he is safe, that there is somewhere to park your trailer or lorry, somewhere to tie him or her while you tack up, a hose for after the ride, fresh water and company if necessary. 
You will then want to know about the riding around the cottage (which is FABULOUS!) and you may want my husband and me to ride with you on our horses to take the strain out of mapreading and finding obscure bridlepaths and byways.  We can help with all of this - and more, providing route maps and keeping in touch at the planning stage of your holiday to make sure you enjoy every bit of your holiday.
We can arrange for a farrier to visit should you lose a shoe, our vet can be on hand for disasters and if you want to ride from place to place we can make sure that your 'stuff' arrives at your next destination before you do!
Finally, you will want to know that you have a warm comfy bed, good food and good company. 
Well, what are you waiting for...............come and stay!
For how much it is going to cost, please click on rates.
Stabling and turnout for horses

We understand just how important it is that your horse is happily settled while you enjoy the comfort of the cottage. We have an acre paddock behind the cottage and stabling 200 yards up the lane.
We are happy to provide straw and hay but ask you to bring your own shavings if you use these. We expect guests to skip out their own stables whilst they are staying. Please let us know if you would like us to provide cool mix.
 Relaxing in the summer sunshine
  • VALLEY OF THE STONES - the oldest natural landscape in Europe. An amazing ride over open countryside with plenty of opportunity for gallops. The stones are known as greywethers and they share the land with grazing sheep (also known as greywethers) and wonderful springy grass. Ride back via the Ridgeway - an ancient drove road which leads directly back to the cottage.
  • ALDBOURNE - our favourite village with a beautiful village green and great pub - the Blue Boar. The ride there passes the ancient Ramsbury Brewery and although there is some roadwork involved, the views from the brow of the hill going into Aldbourne are spectacular. We rest the horses on the green and the lovely landlady miraculously appears with carrots for the horses. They have great guest beers, glorious cheesy chips and the ride home via Snap is always exhilarating.
  • AVEBURY - a mystical place which we think is every bit as impressive as Stonehenge itself. The ride there is on bridleways and byways and passes ancient tumulii. The village of Avebury is picturesque and the Manor House is well worth a look.
  • LITTLECOTE - this beautiful old Tudor house between Marlborough and Hungerford was the setting for the Wedding Breakfast of Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn and boasts Tudor chimneys and a stain glass window with the Tudor lovers knot. It is now a hotel. It has one of the best preserved Roman mosaic floors in England which we pass on horseback.
  • SUGAR HILL (not for the faint-hearted!). There is nothing sugary about this ride - it offers amazing gallops, fantastic views and miles of sustained canters.
Mick and Boo setting off for a gallop
You may like to have a look at the enclosed link to get a feel of where we are and the fantastic area we live in.  Most of the route Sylvia took on her walk are places we ride and I think the pictures will be very familiar to anyone who has ridden with us: http://theindigovat.blogspot.com/2013/03/walking-chalk-downs.html
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