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About us
Warren Farm Cottage is situated on the outskirts of the old Roman village of Mildenhall, near Marlborough. The business has evolved over the years;  when we first met, some eighteen years ago, horses didn't feature in my life at all but with Mick's passion for riding and horses it was soon apparent if we were to stay together that a 'crash' course in riding was necessary.  An elderly schoolmaster (Nelson) patiently put up with my inexperience and taught me a huge amount.  From those early days we gradually built up a yard of horses almost all of which came as waifs and strays who needed a new home.  The horses have provided us with a fantastic way of life which we both love.
Mick rides Boo who is the most beautiful ex racehorse. He has wonderful manners and is extremely intelligent. My pony, Molly, came from the New Forest as an unbroken 3 year old.  She is now 17 and much loved.
Over the years many regular riders have fallen in love with the horse they ride and have persuaded us to sell them the horse.  Luckily most people have wanted to keep them on the yard and so we now have fifteen liveries who own their own horses or have one of ours on loan and six of our own horses.  You can find out about these horses by clicking on Our Liveries.
For many years we led escorted hacks on our horses both midweek and at weekends.  In 2013 increasing insurance charges and the dreadful suing culture made us decide to stop doing this.  However we offer a warm welcome to those wanting to bring their own horses for a day's ride or for a trail riding holiday - Take your Horse on Holiday. We can provide escorts if required.
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