WARREN FARM COTTAGE -  Farmhouse B & B, Riding holidays with your horse
This is an embryo page which we hope will grow.  It will have pictures of some of the fun things we get up to with our liveries, friends and guests - parties, fancy dress rides, sponsored rides, tea and toast, meals out......
Here is a picture of Emma and Danny at Em's first Sponsored Ride at Cirencester. 
The picture below is of Becks jumping Denzil.  His full name is Denzil Penberthy and of course he came from Cornwall...... We had a lovely couple who came to stay for B & B.  They phoned us when they got home and suggested that we consider buying Denzil;  they had bought him to break him to carriage driving but it just wasn't working out and they thought he would fit in well with our crazy  yard. So a few weekends later we hitched up a trailer and drove down to their farm on the Devon Cornish border.  We spent a lovely couple of days with them and ended up bringing Denzil back with us.

He was always a troubled soul and was never going to be a yard horse.  He did his very best for us but really needed his own mummy.  Luckily she came along in the form of Becky.  They are a truly wonderful pair.  We keep in regular touch with his exploits by reading his very own Blog - "Letters to Mummy Heath".  If ever a horse fell on his feet it's Denzil. 
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